Posted on Nov 15, 2019

Hoover Fitness LLC

If you could lose _____ amount of weight in _______ weeks, would you do what it takes to get there?? We have a solution and we can tailor it to your specific goals and timeline - And build it around your life!!

Our average participant is losing 10-15lbs, 6-10% body fat, and 5-8 inches in 6 weeks, but our average participant is continuing to lose and keeping it off when going longer than 6 weeks. Our progressive system will help you develop the LIFESTYLE to always be achieving results, but more importantly, KEEP the results, AND FINALLY GET OFF THAT ON-AND-OFF-AGAIN ROLLER COASTER OF FAILED DIETS AND EXERCISE ATTEMPTS!!

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Our plans include:

🍎Diet and nutrition plans (in a user friendly way to get results and STILL BE ABLE TO EAT 🍕🍕 and 🍷🍷

🏋️‍♀️Workouts tailored to you the individual (no matter what level of fitness you may be. AND THEY ARE SAFE!)

🔍Accountability and Coaching. Plans designed for you the individual, based on your ability and your specific goals. And continued progress tracking and plan adjustments.

🕰24 hour access to come any time you want. (with other programs you only get to go when there is a class or scheduled workout).

💲 Our plans are cheaper than any other comparable programs out there and we have different plans based on your desired goals, time, and budget.
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